Microsoft’s foldable Windows 10 device Andromeda launching this year

Microsoft’s upcoming mobile device codenamed Andromeda (often referred to as Surface Phone) has long been considered as an innovative Windows 10 device. Microsoft Andromeda is said to be a flagship Surface-branded device with a dual-screen and innovative hinge technology setup.

While the Surface Phone rumour makes the rounds every once in a while but it’s already clear that Microsoft is not interested in yet another smartphone. The company is reportedly working on a foldable device with Windows Core OS, and it’s codenamed, Andromeda.

Today, a new report from reliable sources confirmed that Microsoft’s Andromeda is launching later this year. It’s a pocketable Windows 10 device that’s supposed to create a “truly personal and versatile computing experience”.

As expected, the OEM partners are also planning to release similar hardware, and Andromeda will create a new category of devices.

It’s likely that Microsoft’s Andromeda will run on ARM processor, and it won’t be a smartphone. The device is also not supposed to kill the iPhone, instead, it will invent a new product category in the typical Microsoft fashion.


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