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On today’s episode: Should Apple allow law enforcement access to iPhones? An upcoming iPhone software update promises to deter that from happening. Also, what will the AT&T/Time Warner merger mean for you? World Cup starts today and we’ll discuss the stadium tech, the NFC chip-enabled ball, how to watch in VR, and more. Also, a HoloLens development may let you watch holographic sports.

Today’s podcast cast includes:Juan Garcia, Juliana Jara, Rick Stella, and Greg Nibler.

Trends with Benefits

Each week, we gather a roundtable of tech experts, along with celebrity guests to discuss all things technology-related on Trends with Benefits. We will recap the most important tech stories to surface throughout the week and include any late breaking tech headlines. This is your go to source for topical, informative, fun conversations about the technology that is changing our lives, all in a one-of-a-kind podcast.

Trends with Benefits also streams live each week at 2:30 p.m. PT. The video podcast is available on both Facebook and YouTube giving you the opportunity to join in and ask questions. You’ll get your chance to voice your opinions along with the experts on the show.

Every week the podcast is different, covering the entire range of tech topics available at Digital Trends: Smart home devices and smart speakers are evolving rapidly. They provide new levels of convenience at home, but does Google Home or Amazon Alexa invade your privacy?

With how essential smartphones are to everyday life, Trends with Benefits dices deep into all the latest iPhone and Android news, along with providing real life reviews of all the newest phones.

How we watch television is evolving as streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video compete with cable companies. The TV in your living room is also transforming to take advantage of cord-cutting. Our TV expert Caleb Denison weighs in with all the latest inside information on where TV trends are headed. For weekly recommendations of what shows to stream and movies to watch listen to our other podcast Between the Streams.

Nearly anything Elon Musk does is aldo fair game to talk about on Trends with Benefits. From Tesla to SpaceX to the Boring Co. we cover it all.

Other regular topics include virtual reality and augmented reality, the latest gaming consoles, artificial intelligence (AI) and robots. We love to talk about robots.

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Host Greg Nibler @GregNibler is a media personality, writer, actor, and all around funny guy. Check out his other podcast Funemployent Radio.

Other regular guests include:

Rick Stella @RickStella runs the Outdoors section at Digital Trends, covering everything from the best backpack to take on week-long camping trips to tech-focused gear like e-bikes and fitness trackers. When he’s not enjoying the great outdoors (for work, of course), you can find Rick savoring Portland’s craft beer scene, scrolling endlessly through Netflix’s streaming library, or among the crowd at a concert.

Caleb Denison @Caleb_Denison, Adrien Warner, and more.

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