When will Sony announce their next console?

The morning Inbox worries the Switch is becoming an indie console, as one reader admits to playing Overcooked on his own.

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Any year now

So E3 is over for another year and everyone is looking forward to one game or another, but once more there was no mention of PlayStation 5. I personally didn’t expect to hear anything about Sony’s next gen machine but some readers were convinced it would be there. Some people were also convinced that a PS4 Pro slim would be announced (one commenter even guaranteeing us all that it would definitely be at E3, what?!) but again I didn’t think this would happen.

PlayStation 5 will not be released until 2020 at the earliest and I personally think we will see a next gen Xbox before PlayStation 5. Sony are in such a strong position this gen that there is no way they will be in a rush to start the next gen.

I personally don’t think Sony will even release all of Death Stranding, The Last Of Us Part II and Ghost Of Tsushima in 2019. These could possibly be cross-gen games for PlayStation 4 and 5. Either way we are getting to the last few years of this gen and I, for one, am excited to see what the future holds.

GC: Sony hinted at a new console several times before E3, but this was the first time Microsoft ever mentioned one. We never expected it this year, but we’d say there’s a better than 50% chance that the PlayStation 5 is unveiled next E3.


Amazing Insomniacs

As a big Spider-Man fan I’ve played and completed every 3D game he has starred in. As a result I’m excited by the upcoming PlayStation 4 game. Seeing this game get so much hype is interesting considering more recent Spidey games have been poorly received by critics (often unfairly in my opinion). I hope this is due to it being a fantastic game but suspect it is more to do with improved graphics, a cinematic (Sony exclusive style) feel, a large marketing budget and the timing of Spider-Man moving into the MCU and increasing his popularity again.

Looking at the recent trailers a lot of the action looks a bit on-rails, with icons appearing everywhere and certainly doesn’t appear as free flowing and adrenaline filled as the excellent Web Of Shadows.

Anyway, my main point is that a lot of the older Spider-Man games deserve some love (and not just Spider-Man 2). The aforementioned Web Of Shadows for the speed, power, and excitement of controlling Spidey; Ultimate Spider-Man for the comic book styling; and even the recent Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the cool web-swinging where left trigger fired his left web shooter and right trigger his right. Just don’t play Friend Or Foe. That one I can’t defend.

GC: The new game is by Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games, who are considerably more talented than anyone else that’s handled the licence in recent years. The amount of QTEs is a concern though.


Mockney accents

Nobody has expressed an interest in the upcoming Dragon Quest game. Although, the E3 trailer did not do the game any favours, did it? You were right about the voiceover work being bad.

It committed the cardinal sin of being boring. I know you guys aren’t fans of regional, British voices in role-players and I guess Dragon Quest VIII really popularised it.

The thing is, Dragon Quest VII was quite funny in places and always charming. Not least due to the game-stealing performance of Ricky Grover as Yaaahngus, gov! I know I’ve misspelled his name, but I did that for maximum cockney effect.

Then again, it’s only one trailer. Hopefully there’s more charm and wit on display in the full package. Ooh, package.

GC: It’s not that we’re not fans of British accents in games, but that they always use such terrible actors. Other than that the game looked quite good at E3, although we didn’t get enough time on it to come to any detailed conclusions.


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Limited selection

I’ve been reading GameCentral since the Teletext days, but this is my first time writing. Like a lot of people I was following the E3 news last week and I was looking forward to finding out more on the new Smash Bros., having enjoyed the previous games, but did anyone else find it a bit odd when Nintendo revealed a huge roster then hinted you’d only start off with a very small selection of characters when you start the game and need to unlock everyone else?

Smash Bros. is a game that is designed to played primarily in multiplayer so I don’t really understand the thinking behind this. I’m sure most people would rather sit down and play the with their mates straight away rather than meeting a bunch of arbitrary conditions to get ¾ of the roster unlocked.

I could perhaps understand if Nintendo were keeping most of the roster a secret but it’s not as if these characters are going to be much of a surprise when you unlock them. Still, I have seen people praising this decision and pleased that there’s so many unlockable characters, so maybe I’m in the minority on this. Keep up the good work!

GC: It’s certainly a contrast to the last game. We took it as a hint about the single-player mode, but you never can tell with Nintendo.


Needs of the many

I’d like to offer my twopence regarding The Last Of Us Part II, for what it‘s worth. I’m in agreement with the readers who are defending the tone of the new game though. The world that the game exists is as grim and painful an existence as its possible to be and I think Ellie’s character progression from a (relatively) happy teenager to an extremely damaged adult is not only possible but probable.

I also think that the people who are arguing about whether we should have had a choice at the end of the first game are completely missing the point – there was no choice because no parent would ever sacrifice their child for anything or anyone. This was totally in-line with Joel’s character and for all intents Joel is now Ellie’s parent.

I genuinely can’t wait for the next game and am looking forward to it more than anything else. If any developer has earned the benefit of the doubt it’s Naughty Dog in my estimation.

Thanks for all the great E3 articles guys, keep up the excellent work.
Chris in Belfast

GC: We’re not sure Joel’s choice was that black and white, given what was at stake and the fact that he wasn’t actually her father. He certainly knew Ellie would disapprove of doing what he did.


Indie machine

Maybe I misunderstood the ending to The Last Of Us but the way I saw it was simply that having already lost his daughter, Ellie had grown to become his adopted daughter and he loved her in that way. Everything they had been through and watching each other’s backs had evolved that relationship and the giraffe scene had cemented it.

Joel simply couldn’t go through the loss again regardless of the possible good that may have arisen from Ellie’s fate. Regardless of that Joel simply thought no, it ain’t happening.

That’s how I saw things anyhow.

On another note, thanks for the E3 coverage GC. Not a great show though in my humble opinion. Looking forward to some of the PlayStation 4 titles. Very disappointed with Nintendo I must say. It’s fast becoming an indie games machine, I must say. Been really enjoying Oxenfree, Owlboy, and Roku’s Island Express although not sure if they are all ‘indie’ as such.

I also expected Super Mario Odyssey DLC and was hoping for a Metroid reveal and was secretly hoping for a Zelda game a bit more like the older ones. Finished Breath Of The Wild and it’s certainly good but for me Ocarina Of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword were all better. We’re all different I guess…

GC: All three of those games are definitely indie.


Lonely chef

One of my favourite games of recent times has been Overcooked, but weirdly mainly for the single-player mode.

It’s hard as nails and really addictive trying to unlock those stars to open up the next area. So naturally I’m excited by Overcooked 2, did you get to play it at E3 GC? If so, what were you thoughts and do you know if it features a single-player mode?
Country Mike

GC: That is a bit weird. We did play Overcooked 2 and will hopefully have time for a write-up in the next week or so. The short version though is that it’s great and we didn’t even think to ask about single-player.


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New reality

Playing games in VR is an absolutely extraordinary experience! I’m so glad I held off getting Resident Evil 7 and Rez Infinite (even though I had absolutely exhausted the latter’s greatness on the Xbox 360) on my PlayStation 4 till now. Both these experiences have been among the most transformative and transcendental in my near 30 years as a gamer. I mean what technical wizardry is this?!

The last time I was wowed by the advancements in game technology to this frequently astonishing, mind-boggling degree, was Ridge Racer and Toshinden on my Japanese PlayStation in January 1995 (I’ll always love you for that dad!) and Super Mario 64 on my American N64 in 1997 (I’m grateful for the pocket money mum!).

Thumper, Moss, WipEout, and the Star Wars VR mission have also been nothing short of incredibly memorable and efficacious. I thought Thumper was concentrated and consuming enough in its vanilla form but in VR it borders on something else, it resonated with my soul I tells you. I now fully empathise with all the hype and adoration surrounding this most enthralling technology.

Virtual reality is definitely a viable avenue in the future of gaming and I dearly hope more developers support it. I’d love to see Microsoft and Nintendo get involved in the near future too. VR has most certainly added a new dimension to my gaming: escapism on a new level for sure. I’m still in disbelief at just how supremely powerful this immersion-amplifying technology is!
Galvanized Gamer


Inbox also-rans

I see Sony are doing a budget range called PlayStation Hits in America, is this coming to the UK?
Nurgle dave

GC: Yes, they’ll be £15.99 and include Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Last Of Us Remastered, Killzone: Shadow Fall, InFamous: Second Son, and Driveclub.

I sympathise with the reader saying that we haven’t seen enough of Cyberpunk 2077 to justify all the hype. I did come across this audio recording of the demo though. I realise it’s kind of pointless, but at least it’s something!


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