Games Inbox: Are you upset at the lack of new video game IP this gen?

Not exactly a shock to see SoulCalibur VI and the other games flop, all coming out at the same time is stupid and I don’t know anyone that was talking about them or excited about them. That includes Starlink, but I’m still upset it was a) not so good and b) a flop. Knowing there’s only new IP out this Christmas is just awful. That means that basically everything else is a sequel or a licensed game, meaning that not one publisher had the guts or the inspiration to create a new game for the biggest season of the year (and probably generation, if you consider things are probably going to peak now).

Not that I’d exactly call Starlink big anyway, but the lack of new franchises this generation has been a real problem. Sony has been by far the best at this, and definitely deserve kudos for the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn. Microsoft have been terrible, of course, but it’s also worrying that everything they’re hinting at at the moment is just more old games: Halo, Fable, and Gears Of War.

Nintendo got off to a good start with Splatoon and ARMS but we’ve not seen much else that’s brand new from them. Nintendo sequels are always more their own thing (especially things like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild) but I still would’ve liked to see more brand new characters and worlds.

And of course third parties like Acitvision and EA have done absolutely nothing. It reminds me of the Reader’s Feature at the weekend about nobody learning from Rockstar. Now, admittedly they haven’t invented something new in a while but at least they realise that just spamming out endless sequels is not a good idea. Their solution isn’t IP but it is effective. Other publishers don’t get anything right.

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Games Inbox: Are you upset at the lack of new video game IP this gen?

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