Games Inbox: Are kids turning away from traditional video games?

A bit of a shame that SoulCalibur VI hasn’t sold better. Then again, we don’t know the digital sales, do we? Even then, it probably hasn’t sold Tekken 7 numbers. It clearly didn’t have Tekken 7’s budget, either. I very much miss the kind of intro you saw in Soul Blade, SoulCalibur, and SoulCalibur II. That part at the end of the SoulCalibur II intro with Nightmare on some kind of hellish mountain getting powered up by a fragment of Soul Edge really gets the heart pumping.

And, am I wrong, or does it not seem like that much of a step up – visually speaking, that is – from the last one on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? It’s still pretty, I’m just not blown away by the graphics, either.

I have now played through a significant portion of both Chronicles of the Sword and Libra of Souls modes. The story is boring. And while there isn’t actually that much text, it is very intrusive. Unlike in SoulCaliburs I and II, there was a paragraph explaining the mission, why you were there, which you could skim through in two seconds or pass over entirely. Splitting the text into separate ‘screens’ gives the very convincing illusion that there’s far more of it than there is. ‘Ugh!’ you keep thinking. ‘Just let me fight some skeletons already!’

But hey, the missions are pretty good. The single-player is better than the last three entries, I think, even if it’s not the best SoulCalibur. That said, I’ve had a few bouts with one of my friends and it has that old, fast and fluid SoulCalibur II magic. Like, and I’m sorry to bang on about it, the opposite of Dragon Ball FighterZ. And it’s much better than that, for my money. Whether it’s got better single-player than NetherRealm’s latest efforts, I can’t say yet.

I just hope that this has sold well enough for us to get a SoulCalibur VII…

GC: It doesn’t sound like you’re sorry to bang on about Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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Games Inbox: Are kids turning away from traditional video games?