Get the Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy Tab S4 from T-Mobile at decent discounts right off the bat

T-Mobile is getting ready to release a couple of new LTE-enabled gadgets from Samsung just in time for the holidays, although technically, the Galaxy A6 phone and Galaxy Tab S4 slate are hardly new.

The former is priced at $400, which already feels reasonable by “Infinity Display” standards, but if you don’t have a problem signing up for a new line of service on an interest-free Equipment Installment Plan (EIP), as well as autopay, you’ll get an extra $144 off.

That’s going to leave you with a $16 bill upfront, plus only $10 a month due for two years. Keep in mind that, in addition to an extra-wide 5.6-inch AMOLED screen with relatively thin bezels, the Samsung Galaxy A6 also has 16MP front and rear-facing cameras going for it, as well as both facial and fingerprint recognition technology.

Then again, the display resolution is mediocre (at best), the battery size far from impressive, and the fingerprint sensor placement… unfortunate, so perhaps $256 is actually the right price to ask for this not-so-remarkable mid-ranger.
Meanwhile, the absolutely remarkable Galaxy Tab S4 can be yours at only $350… by jumping through a couple of hoops. You’ll obviously need a device payment plan here too, but most importantly, a new 6GB or higher T-Mobile Simple Choice or T-Mobile One mobile internet plan.

If you’re ready to meet both requirements, you should also have $28 prepared for a down payment, followed by $13.42 monthly installments for two years after bill credits.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy A6 are both coming to T-Mobile customers, on and offline, this Friday, November 9, unsurprisingly including support for the operator’s 600 MHz extended range LTE network among their many key selling points. Any takers?

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Get the Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy Tab S4 from T-Mobile at decent discounts right off the bat

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