The already impressive Fitbit Charge 3 is getting even better with a new firmware update

Fitbit might be going after Apple in the smartwatch market (both in the US and around the world), but that doesn’t mean the veteran wearable device manufacturer is looking to throw in the low-cost activity tracker towel.

Products like the newly released Charge 3 are probably generating smaller profits than the Versa and Ionic, but they’re still crucially contributing to Fitbit’s brand exposure and mainstream popularity, not to mention revenues.

This is rolling out “progressively”, starting with new owners of the device looking to set it up for the first time, although all users can expect to get it “soon.” Fitbit says it’s gradually releasing the new features to “monitor performance closely and make adjustments if needed.”

So far, post-update system stability seems adequate, so you shouldn’t have a problem accepting and rejecting calls right from your wrist. That’s obviously with a connected phone, as the Charge 3 lacks any standalone cellular capabilities. 

Perhaps more importantly, the Fitbit Charge 3 can now be used to send “customized responses to text messages and messages from certain apps.” This “quick replies” functionality is available exclusively in conjunction with Android phones, even though most other features are supported on iOS as well.

Last but not least, the software update finally enables wrist payments, but for Fitbit Pay to work, you’ll need to purchase a Special Edition Fitbit Charge 3 that’s priced at $169.95 for immediate delivery from the company’s US e-store. The regular Charge 3 is 20 bucks cheaper, but Black Friday deals are approaching fast, so you may want to wait.

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The already impressive Fitbit Charge 3 is getting even better with a new firmware update

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