Overseas sales accounts for 83% of Com2uS’ $106.7m total sales figure for Q3 | Pocket Gamer.biz

83 per cent of Com2uS’s $106.7 million in global sales for the three months ending September 30th 2018 were from overseas. 

The $88.9 million haul marks the 15th consecutive quarter that the games developer’s overseas performance made up 80 per cent or more of total sales. North American and European markets accounted for 50 per cent of revenue brought in from overseas.

Both revenue and overseas revenue were down year-on-year in comparison to the $112.8 million and $98.9 million made respectively from the three months ending September 30th 2017.

Profits for the quarter, meanwhile, came in at $33.8 million. According to the Korea Herold, that sum represents a 23.3 per cent decline year-on-year.


Looking toward the future, Com2uS reiterated that it was looking to expand the Summoners War IP through cartoons, comics and toys in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment and Funko.

The Korean games firm also revealed that it anticipates RPG Skylanders: Ring of Heroes to emulate the global success of Summoners War.

Speaking to PocketGamer.Biz at Gamescom, Gamevil Com2uS European general manager David Mohr explained that that Com2uS was looking to take what it learnt with Summoners War and improve upon it with Skylanders.

“Four years after the launch of Summoners War, I think with Skylanders we are creating a creature collection RPG with higher quality, nicer graphics and even more interesting systems and meta-game,” said Mohr.

“We’ve already had a successful beta, so we hope to build on what we already did and take it further.”

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Overseas sales accounts for 83% of Com2uS’ $106.7m total sales figure for Q3 | Pocket Gamer.biz